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Rarity Sniper - How does Rarity Sniper Works?

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

January 24, 2024

6 min read

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Digital exclusivity is the spice that transforms tokenized assets into unique treasures. Fortunately, NFT enthusiasts’ journey is guided by tools that unravel the distinctive traits of each digital masterpiece.

We invite digital art lovers to join us in exploring how Rarity Sniper works and approaches the idea of rarity.


NFT collectors worldwide are captivated by the allure, seeking not just visual appeal but a sense of exclusivity, relying on tools like Rarity Sniper to understand the unique value each digital asset holds.

  • Some collectibles are inherently more popular and are in more demand than others based on the combination of programmatically generated attributes;
  • The scarcity of NFTs in the market serves as a crucial measure to identify assets with higher demand and greater desirability.
  • Rarity Sniper is an analytical platform that evaluates the uniqueness of different assets based on each trait's rareness using mathematical algorithms;
  • Similar services and various NFT marketplaces also contribute unique approaches to uncovering uncommon and special tokenized assets.

This article guides you through exploring the website, understanding its features, and introduces similar tools with distinct approaches to enhance your NFT exploration.

What is Rarity Sniper?

In a digital art environment, the scarcity or uniqueness of an asset is one of the factors determining its worth.

Rarity Sniper is one of the analytics tools that allow collectors to analyze how uncommon traits from a specific collection are to find favorable deals or price the digital assets they own according to their exclusivity.

The project burst onto the scene in 2021, gaining popularity as one of the few publicly available rarity checkers. Starting as a modest Discord server, it became a space for traders to discuss and share information on non-fungible token value determined by attributes.

Today, it remains the foremost NFT-ranking website with a community of over 330k Discord server members who rely on the site's insight.

The platform grew to feature over 2,100 collections across 24 blockchains, with Ethereum projects dominating the platform's listings.

How does Rarity Sniper work?

This information platform statistically assesses how uncommon and special each asset is evaluating its individual traits against others within the same collection.

To do so, it focuses on emphasizing the scarcity of traits within the entire collection, putting more weight on attributes that are less common among all NFTs.

The scoring system adopted by the team includes three main steps:

  1. Calculating how often each special attribute appears among all the digital items in a collection;
  2. Assigning a score to each trait based on its scarcity and giving higher values to less common traits;
  3. The scores for all traits are then summed up to calculate the overall ranking.

As a result, users get a ranking of items by the scarcity of their characteristics.

How to use Rarity Sniper?

Explore from the homepage by searching for specific projects or browsing trending and recently added collections.

For a more targeted approach, navigate to the 'Collections' section. Refine your search by filtering collections based on blockchain, floor price, volume, and supply.

Step 1: Collection overview

Navigate to the collections page to find each item displayed in ranking order, starting from #1.

From this section:

  • Read NFT descriptions and connect with project creators via social media platforms;
  • Directly access marketplaces listing the collection;
  • Use filters to see how assets with similar traits are ranked within the collection.

Image from Rarity Sniper

Another handy feature to explore is the traits table. This tool may prove incredibly useful for pinpointing the most unique attributes on marketplaces.

Step 2: Analyzing NFT attributes

Check the ranking of a specific asset by entering its ID or clicking its card on the collection page. Aim for a higher rarity score and a lower rank.

The NFT card provides a detailed breakdown of traits, categorized based on individual scarcity metrics.


Image from Rarity Sniper

Pay attention to the fire emoji that highlights the most uncommon features for easy identification.

Step 3: Discovering new releases

Finally, navigate to the ‘Drop Calendar' section to stay informed about upcoming mints. Get an early look and identify new listings in their initial stages.


Image from Rarity Sniper

This concludes the navigation process, but keep in mind that the team introduces new features periodically. For example, the recently added 'NFT Stats' feature provides statistics like floor prices, trading volumes, and capitalization sourced directly from CoinMarketCap.

Rarity Sniper alternatives

As there is no universally established standard, each team offers a distinctive statistical approach, giving users the flexibility to choose based on their preferences. The following tools exemplify diverse approaches to trait evaluation.

NFT marketplaces

Many popular marketplaces today try to rank NTFs for users to roughly estimate the tier of listed assets before transacting.


Image from Tensor

OpenSea, for example, employs a protocol that calculates NFT ranking by assessing the combination of rare properties. Similarly, Solana’s Tensor marketplace offers rankings based on its proprietary calculations.

Rarity Tools

This platform goes beyond encoded asset characteristics, aiming to offer a nuanced reflection of an item's uniqueness. By employing four distinct statistical measures, it introduces the ranking based on the rarest trait.

Notably, the website offers an exclusive experience through paid listings, catering to a specific niche of the NFT community.


Image from Rarity Tools

Key benefits of using Rarity Sniper

As an example of a tool that equips traders with insights needed for informed decision-making, it is invaluable for determining how fairly assets are priced depending on their tier.

Some other compelling functionalities that attract users include:

  • Ease of navigation: The platform offers user-friendly navigation, organized sections, and efficient search filters, presenting rankings from top-tier to lower-tier items;
  • Access to diverse project portfolio: With an extensive array of projects, it ensures users can easily discover assets aligning with their interests;
  • NFT creator insights: For creators, it serves as a valuable resource to explore diverse approaches in defining properties for digital assets.

In summary, this analytics hub not only offers essential tools for assessing the collectible’s “uncommonness” but also enhances the NFT enthusiast experience, making the journey seamless and insightful.


Rarity Sniper excels in spotlighting the unique features of a non-fungible token and evaluating its tier. However, to gain a better understanding of the NFT's overall value, it's essential to extend the analysis beyond scarcity alone.

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Deen Newman

Deen Newman

January 24, 2024

6 min read