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Public Nodes vs Getblock Shared Nodes vs Getblock Dedicated Nodes: How Do They Differ?



July 27, 2021

4 min read

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While they access the same blockchains with the same throughput, there are some striking differences.

Here’s why accessing mainstream blockchains via shared or dedicated nodes by GetBlock will allow your business to save on resources, time, and spare your nerves.


Using GetBlock’s nodes can be compared to booking first class and business class flights. Yes, you can book economy class in the same plane - but your experience will be different.

Economy class: good old public nodes

Since the very inception of programmatic blockchains (smart contract hosting platforms), getting connected to blockchain via public nodes has been a solution of choice for dApp developers. Teams of blockchain-oriented businesses were just taking the documentation from the official websites of Ethereum (ETH), Eos (EOS), Tron (TRX) and attempting to deploy their smart contracts.

When the decentralized applications were rare birds themselves, this approach worked. However, the first-ever Ethereum (ETH) congestion caused by Cryptokitties mania of 2017 forced blockchain devs to start looking for viable alternatives to publicly accessible nodes.

Right now, the enormous interest in moving businesses to blockchains made the blockchain teams limit the pressure on their nodes. For instance, you can send only 5 requests per second to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wia Eth-call method. Needless to say that if you’re developing an on-chain NFT game with 100-200 active players, this way of reaching nodes can hardly be an option for your team.

Business class: shared nodes by Getblock

Getblock’s design tackles major challenges that are irritating the blockchain developers and entrepreneurs right now. For instance, with our API-powered dashboard, you can remove the limitations of requests per second (and, of course, of net requests from your account).

Then, the connection to Getblock nodes is way more stable than that of public nodes. The accessibility of our nodes is guaranteed by service-level agreement, a core ‘customer success’ document in Getblock. 100 % uptime is registered for Bitcoin (BTC) nodes, Ethereum (ETH) nodes, Polygon (MATIC) nodes, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) nodes and many other top-notch blockchains.

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That’s why your business will never be shut down due to the overload of certain blockchain or its public nodes.

Last but not least, setting API-powered connections to GetBlock’s nodes is much easier than attempting to reach public nodes. So, with all heavy lifting taken by GetBlock, your team can stay focused on business development.

First class: dedicated nodes by Getblock

Booking dedicated (private) nodes with GetBlock is a premium solution for high-load blockchain applications (wallets, DEXs, games, governance modules, and so on).

With GetBlock’s dedicated nodes you can choose between various API interfaces: JSON-RPC, WS, GraphQL, and so on. Also, both mainnet and testnets for certain blockchains are accessible.

Any sort of third-party software (for instance, IoT devices controllers program) can be integrated into GetBlock nodes with ease. All instruments of customer support and configuration assistance are available for GetBlock nodes clients 24/7.

GetBlock offers the richest toolkit of 40+ blockchains with shared and dedicated nodes. As a result, Getblock customers (e.g. multi-currency wallets or cross-chain exchanges) don’t need to search for different vendors while using different blockchains. The entire set of blockchain technical documents is also provided in a holistic dashboard.

We prepared a good deal for those who are interested in our dedicated nodes – if you buy a dedicated node for two months now, you can use it during the 3rd month absolutely for free. Also, we prepared a discount for the fourth and subsequent months. The purchase can be made for the dedicated node of any blockchain supported by GetBlock. Please, contact us via Telegram to learn more about the details of the offer.



July 27, 2021

4 min read