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Polygon API Becomes Even Better for dApps: Unobvious Catalysts for MATIC



September 8, 2021

4 min read

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Here’s the quick digest of what is released by the Polygon team in early Q4, 2021.

60 % of OpenSea users are on Polygon: Data

Polygon nodes became the top priority platform for the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs, digital collectibles), OpenSea. According to Mr. Sanket Shah, Strategy Lead at Polygon Network (@sourcex44 in Twitter), 3 of 5 OpenSea customers are using Polygon nodes.

As such, the marketplace attracted monstrous transaction value to Polygon platform. In August, OpenSea processed $3,3 billion in trading volume whilst NFT mania is nowhere near its end. In July, 2021, OpenSea raised $100 mln from a clutch of reputable investment funds led by VC legends Andreessen Horowitz. Its trading volume increased almost nine-fold compared to previous periods.

Polygon co-founder and COO Sandeep Nailwal stresses that it is the support of large users community that makes his project special:

“We don't have mighty VCs talking about us. We don't have reputed professors bringing pre-existing legitimacy to us. We don't have big exchanges pushing us. We don't have industry leaders mentioning us on TV. All WE HAVE IS 'USERS'!”

That’s why the connection to Polygon nodes API may catalyze the inflow of users to your decentralized application. GetBlock is among the top-tier providers of Polygon nodes endpoints with JSON RPC and WebSockets methods. To supercharge your dApp with the power of Polygon nodes, please, contact our team in Telegram.

Hermez Network acquisition makes Polygon nodes API more attractive for devs

On Aug 13, 2021, Polygon acquired Hermez Network for almost $250 million in MATIC tokens. This massive M&A deal is the first-ever example of one blockchain acquired by another in terms of legal status and technology.

Hermes Network is a second-layer scalability protocol for Ethereum based on zk-proofs technology. That’s why this acquisition reaffirms Polygon’s strategic focus on zero-knowledge scalability practices.

As per the latest data by L2Beat analytics platform, zk-proofs evolved into the mainstream technology for Ethereum scaling. As such, with Hermez Network acquisition, Polygon API allows its users to leverage the most advanced scalability design.

For decentralized applications, it means the significantly reduced transactional fees, negligible latency and unmatched throughput.

Polygon nodes are the best for the ‘smallest’ dApps: Opinion

From the very first days of its popularity, Polygon Network promoted itself as a general-purpose scalability platform. It means that all types of dApps can be launched on Polygon; it welcomes both newly-launched dApps, the applications interested in ‘migration’ from Ethereum or BSC nodes, the elements of multi-blockchain protocols like Poly Network, and the versions of existing Ethereum dApps.

However, due to its unparalleled developer experience and low fees, Polygon Network is of a particular interest for small early-stage decentralized applications. This trend was noticed by the prominent strategic investor known as @AlgodTrading in Crypto Twitter.

The investor stressed that the interaction with Polygon Network can stimulate the growth of early-stage teams. Therefore, connecting to Polygon API nodes can boost the progress of every dApp regardless of its phase of development.



September 8, 2021

4 min read