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OpenSea Launches New Solana (SOL)-based NFTs In Hopes To Rival Magic Eden



July 25, 2022

3 min read

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Solana (SOL)’s New Launchpad on OpenSea

Solana (SOL)’s alien-themed NFT project Zoonies is the first NFT avatar collection to utilize OpenSea’s brand new launchpad for Solana. OpenSea first partnered with Solana in April 2022. The noteworthy collaboration between the biggest “Ethereum Killer” and one of the most prominent NFT markets attracted a lot of attention among international buyers. The new feature - already employed on Magic Eden for several months - lets users mint Solana’s NFTs during a primary sale.

At the moment, Zoonies are trading at a price ranging from 1.97 SOL ($86) to 2.5 SOL (~$109).

Many experts highlight the fact that the release of Solana’s NFTs on OpenSea has been rather slow-moving and stagnant in comparison to other Solana’s launches. However, this could be due to the bear state of the overall NFT marketplace.

Nevertheless, analysts believe that a sluggish launch may be a sign of uncertainty rather than a failure of the project.

Amid Zoonies’ launch on OpenSea, Magic Eden continued to trade barbs and memes, constituting for over 90% of Solana’s trading volume.

Magic Eden launches Solana (SOL) themed DALL-E AI art

Magic Eden has partnered with LinkedIn founder and billionaire Reid Hoffman to create and launch new Solana (SOL) NFTs by utilizing OpenAI’s image rendering platform DALL-E.

The project, named Untranslatable Words and consisting of 11 tokenized images, was created by using written text-based art with the help of DALL-E 2.

At the moment, the collection is trading at a top price of 12 SOL (roughly $517).

Reid Hoffman is planning to split the expected revenue between charity organizations and his development team. NFTs, still remaining on the marketplace after the sale, will be burned.

DALL-E 2, initially prohibited by OpenAI for commercial purposes, launched a beta version allowing Hoffman’s collection to take place.

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July 25, 2022

3 min read