LetsExchange, an instant exchange with the largest number of cryptocurrencies listed for trading, and GetBlock, a prominent node services provider, have agreed to establish cooperation.

GetBlock’s NEAR explorer is now live in LetsExchange

LetsExchange has begun using the blockchain explorer powered by GetBlock as a default explorer for the Near Protocol (NEAR). With this tool, the exchange clients will be able to track all transactions in Near.

For GetBlock, this cooperation is an opportunity to stress-test its explorer infrastructure for complex blockchain services.

GetBlock's NEAR explorer is designed for checking transaction status, wallet balance, and other related information. Besides the Near Protocol, GetBlock is going to integrate more blockchain networks, including leading smart contract platforms Ethereum, BNB Chain, Harmony, Flow, and so on.

Multi-chain releases are coming to GetBlock and LetsExchange

As GetBlock adds more blockchain networks, LetsExchange might incorporate the corresponding blockchain explorers to benefit its customers. LetsExchange supports over 1,950 digital coins and tokens. Therefore, this new cooperation will increase the number of unique customers using the blockchain explorer services powered by GetBlock.

Launched in 2020, GetBlock is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that supercharges cryptocurrency services with cost-efficient and fast API endpoints. With GetBlock, dApps and CEXes shouldn’t deploy their own nodes any longer: this opportunity streamlines development process and makes it more resource-optimized.

Since its launch in March 2021, LetsExchange has aimed to be the leading exchange platform in the number of listed cryptocurrencies for trading. LetsExchange also ranks among the top exchanges worldwide in other indicators, such as presence in the key markets. LetsExchange provides crypto-to-crypto swaps, fiat-to-crypto exchanges, and decentralized exchange (DEX) to meet the requirements of a diverse client base.

Pursuant to the goal of making crypto swaps easily accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world, LetsExchange has released several B2B products and solutions. Individuals and crypto-related businesses can integrate the LetsExchange infrastructure through API for developers, exchange widgets and buttons, white-label solutions, and more.