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Interview with Bitgert | GetBlock x Bitgert on the Forefront of Making Web3 Development Accessible

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

July 26, 2023

5 min read

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About Bitgert by Bitgert

Can you explain the technical architecture of Bitgert’s product and how it works to provide its intended service?

– Bitgert is optimized for hosting powerful dApps to run fast and smoothly thanks to the following features:

The Brise Chain is powered by the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm that makes the network capable of generating high throughput at the lowest costs.

Smart contract support: Bitgert is built to support EVM-compatible tools, making it easy for Ethereum-based dApps to move over to Brise.

BRISE token: serves multiple use cases such as staking, gas fee, and smart contract execution fee payment. It powers the DEX and acts as a utility token for the ecosystem dApps.

Dual-chain architecture: BRISE token lives on both BNB and native chains with the buyback mechanism in place.

What were some of the major technical challenges your team faced during the development of the product, and how did you overcome them?

— Transaction speed and transaction fee issues keep challenging blockchain developers to date. Many projects work hard to overcome the constraints, yet, it is a whole new challenge to find an ecosystem that offers solutions to all. We at Bitgert, therefore, were motivated to build one reliable network that can offer fast transactions at practically zero fees, while also building a secure environment.

We aspire to become a one-stop solution for all blockchain needs with our wide range of products including PayBrise, Q-Brise, Web3 Geo Data map, Bitgert Ventures, exchanges – and the list goes on.

Could you provide some insights into the technologies or programming languages used in building Bitgert's product, and what factors influenced your decision to use them?

— We use Solidity, the best-known smart contract development language for EVM-compatible blockchains. Solidity programming is a powerful, yet uncomplicated and accessible tool serving our needs the best.

Can you share an example of a complex technical issue that arose during the development process and how your team resolved it?

— Recently our bridge partner Multichain happened to suspend operations due to internal reasons with all major blockchains using their services affected by up to millions of dollars. Bitgert was proactive and was able to pull out the liquidity from Multichain at the right time to avoid any losses.

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GetBlock x Bitgert Partnership Incentives

How does Bitgert prioritize user comfort and practicality within its technical infrastructure, and in what ways does the integration of the GetBlock API contribute to enhancing the overall user experience and convenience on the platform?

— User experience is at most priority for Bitgert while developing products and we intend to make it as easy for developers who like to deploy on our chain, and that is made possible thanks to GetBlock.

With Bitgert nodes provided by GetBlock, the process is handled in several clicks in a no-code method. The connection is swift, stable, and, secure, which guarantees that Brise-based dApps will operate smoothly. Besides, with GetBlock testnet nodes at their disposal, developers are welcome to try building on Bitgert and evaluate all aspects.

Can you provide an overview of Bitgert's current partnerships and how they contribute to the growth and development of the community?

— Most of our partnerships are utility-based, whereupon the Brise chain has been integrated into bridges, wallets, node services, NFT marketplaces, and GameFi platforms.

Bitgert has secured connections to more than 150 partners across different sectors of blockchain such as Defi, NFT, Gaming, Wallets, etc. This has helped us progress in opening more doors for mass adoption and developers to build on top of the high-performance chain.

What criteria does Bitgert consider when selecting partners for collaboration? How do these partnerships align with the overall mission and goals of the platform, and what benefits do they bring to the Bitgert community?

— First of all, the utility of the product that is brought to our ecosystem is of primary importance. Also, we pay close attention to the long-term vision of our prospective partners.

Bitgert’s partnerships should align with our overall mission: focus on building unique products and bringing scalable and fast blockchain to more people. Our collaboration with Web3 infrastructure provider GetBlock is just an example of that kind of partnership: the ease of access to Bitgert nodes that GetBlock offers takes deploying on Brise to a whole new level.

Paths to Follow

How does Bitgert interact with its community members? What initiatives or programs are in place to encourage collaboration and active participation?

— Bitgert has always been community focused and we constantly learn about what we can do for our supporters by organizing community polls on our Telegram and Twitter.

Besides, we hold monthly AMAs with our community members with developers present and ready to answer questions. We also host collaborative AMAs and giveaways to encourage collaboration and active participation.

What is Bitgert's vision for growth and development over the next 6 months to a year? What key milestones or developments does the Bitgert team expect to see during this time?

— Bitgert’s own blockchain was launched only a year ago with the aspiration to give home to many blockchain-based products. Today, we’re grateful our token BRISE is listed in the top 200 cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap. We dream big, work hard, and aim to be in the top 50 over the next year!

What contributions can your organization make to advance Web3 development and integrate it seamlessly into our daily lives?

— Our sole focus is to keep building amazing products in the Web3 space. With our blockchain products, we want to encourage users to feel more secure while adopting Web3 products and together be part of this revolution.

Use your 40,000 free requests with shared Bitgert nodes to test-launch on Brise in three clicks. Like what you see? Come back for more scalable and customizable solutions or refer a friend who may also need our services!

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

July 26, 2023

5 min read