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GetBlock x TRON AMA Recap

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

December 28, 2022

5 min read

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GetBlock interviewed Tron DAO’s advisor Laurent Perello. Since 2017, Laurent Perello has been involved in the Web3 community to learn, contribute, and share his knowledge and experience of more than 35 years.

“What are your plans for 2023?”

What we are experiencing today is the most critical time for the crypto community. We will see more cooperation between projects as well as more initiatives between layer one platforms. For Tron DAO, its ecosystem and community will remain one of the key priorities. Therefore, the platform will increase transparency and inclusivity. Additionally, Tron users can expect more constructive discussions with regulators in the future.

“Web 3 Stronger Together” is the initiative launched by Laurent Perello to demonstrate how users can handle the current bear market in a more effective way.

“How did Covid-19 affect Tron?”

Being a decentralized multinational organization, Tron has been practicing remote ways of handling business since its very inception. Therefore, the lockdown did not affect Tron as an organization. In fact, this year Tron has partnered with several projects, which have positively impacted the blockchain’s ecosystem.

“What is the role of the token in Tron’s ecosystem?”

Tron’s TRX is used to make transactions. With TRX, users can make transactions for free. Since Tron utilizes delegated proof-of-stake, users can stake TRX and get voting power. After you delegate your voting power to a representative of your choice, you will receive free energy and bandwidth. If you have collected enough energy and bandwidth, you can make a transaction, carry out a swap, or execute a smart contract without paying any fees.

Currently, TRX is expanding its use cases not only within the platform but also in real life. For example, a few months ago the Dominican Republic recognized TRX-based tokens as legal tender.

“What is the main focus of the Tron team at the moment?”

Tron is focusing on improving the quality of the platform’s services by providing sustainability and participating in more user cases. Tron’s main goal is to onboard more users and guarantee mass adoption of the platform.

“Can TRX token holders participate in the platform’s governance? What mechanisms are used to guarantee the fairness of the process?”

By using the delegated proof-of-work consensus mechanism, Tron guarantees that all stakeholders receive voting power. They can either delegate their voting power to a certain representative or become a representative themselves by creating a node and applying for the position. Currently, Tron has 27 “super” representatives. In the future, Tron hopes to experiment with other innovative types of governance mechanisms.

“How does Tron guarantee security?”

Tron is arguably one of the most secure layer-one platforms. Up to this day, Tron has never been hacked or experienced a hacking attack - due to the fact that Tron is focused on energy and bandwidth instead of transaction fees, which makes it harder for hackers to attack the platform. Tron also tries to prevent scam projects in their emerging state.

“Can users create and list their NFTs on Tron?”

Tron has several NFT marketplaces where users can create and list their NFT collections. Depending on each user’s requirements, it is possible to use pre-made smart contracts or create your own smart contract to build an NFT. Any user with general AI knowledge can become an NFT artist with Tron. The fees depend on the marketplace a user ends up choosing and the number of NFTs in the collection.

“What has been the greatest challenge so far?”

As the Tron team strives to create innovative and unique products, the devs do not consider the bull or bear market as a challenge. Despite the current crypto winter, each team member continues to stick to the platform’s promise for the community by building and delivering top-quality services for Tron users.

“What marketing strategies does Tron use?”

Unlike many other projects that implement marketing strategies based on the hype around them, Tron is focusing on the long-term vision. For example, Tron is partnering with several US universities to launch its own Tron academy program. This initiative is unlikely to impact the market in the short term, but it could massively boost the adoption level of Tron in the future.

“What is your take on Tron being ranked as the num

ber one most active blockchain?”

Currently, Tron has the largest number of active wallets due to several reasons – one being the possibility of making free transactions, and the other is related to the stability of Tron-based stablecoins, especially during extreme volatility in the crypto market.

“What makes Tron stand out among its competitors?”

As mentioned before, Tron focuses on delivering top-quality products for its end users. Tron offers many competitive advantages that prepare the platform for further mass adoption.

“Can Tron users expect more partnerships this year?”

Tron is staying aligned with its mission on a daily basis. Tron will try to engage in more partnerships and motivate community members to participate in the platform’s ecosystem.

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

December 28, 2022

5 min read