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GetBlock Tracker Now Live in Beta: Webhooks for Your Web3 Apps



September 1, 2022

2 min read

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GetBlock, a top-tier blockchain infrastructure provider, smashed through an impressive milestone. Alongside nodes APIs and explorers, it is proud to offer GetBlock Tracker, a Web3 WebHooks toolkit for crypto services.

Now official: Getblock releases WebHooks product GetBlock Tracker

According to the official statement of its core team, GetBlock, a leading blockchain APIs vendor, releases crypto Webhooks functionality. Starting from September 1st, Web3 enthusiasts can test new instruments in open beta version.

Webhooks should be referred to as a class of automated notifications designed to transfer the information from one source to another only when a specific event happens. In blockchains, Webhooks can inform watchers about the events in blocks and transactions in a lightning-fast manner.

Webhooks are triggered by user-defined events in a source system (sender). Then the triggered request is sent to a target system (receiver) with no additional commands or actions. That’s why using Webhooks is way more resource-efficient than extracting data through ‘classic’ nodes APIs.

GetBlock Tracker is a feature-rich Webhooks toolkit as it allows to track 40+ parameters of blocks, transactions, and receipts. It can send data to every website as a JSON file.

GetBlock Tracker: Benefits and opportunities for dApps, wallets, analysts

GetBlock Tracker allows developers to set the triggers for Webhooks through an intuitive constructor without a single line of code.

GetBlock Tracker’s notifications constructor

For instance, as displayed above, user can seamlessly start tracking transactions outcoming from a BNB Chain account. Currently, our new instrument works with BSC mainnet only; more networks to come.

New functionality can supercharge decentralized applications allowing their teams to create customized push notifications systems on the top of it. Also, it can be useful for crypto wallets, on-chain analytical instruments and AML tools.

Beta testing is underway: Early adopters are invited to test GetBlock Tracker

We are excited to invite developers to the GetBlock Tracker beta testing campaign. Web3 devs can integrate the new product to create push notifications systems for their applications on BSC.

Additional information about GetBlock Tracker can be found in our comprehensive guide and Documents portal.

Beta testing starts on September 1st; to join the campaign, GetBlock clients need to register an account and sign in. The testers can submit their feedback via special form you can find on our discord channel.



September 1, 2022

2 min read