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GetBlock Records: Our Progress and Endeavors in December 2022

Vance Wood

Vance Wood

December 28, 2022

7 min read

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Series of AMAs with great projects

December was, indeed, a busy month for GetBlock. Our team held several AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) sessions. We value our guests for their time and knowledge that they shared with us. Additionally, the GetBlock team wants to thank our listeners for tuning in and asking interesting questions. Hopefully, we were able to answer all of them!

AMA with Arbitrum

In this AMA session, our Arbitrum interviewee, Nina, answered the most exciting questions related to the Arbitrum community, e.g. “How to become an Arbitrum newbie developer?”, “What’s the biggest advantage of arb over the other three L2s?” and many more. You still have a chance to give a listen to the recorded version of the AMA.

AMA with Tron

GetBlock hosted this XMas AMA with the amazing Laurent Parello, who talked about the main use-cases of Tron, its marketing strategy and the security details. GetBlock also had a chance to answer a few questions regarding UI/UX and our main benefits. It’s safe to say, you won’t regret listening to this conversation.

Interview with Aura Dogs

It was a great experience interviewing such an altruistic and unique project that unites the worlds of web3 and animals into an authentic and fun platform. Find out how to become a part of the society that strives to change the world.

Video on how to connect to a node

In December our long-time users and newcomers received two new guides on how to deploy shared nodes with the help of GetBlock’s infrastructure.


Here, GetBlock users can learn how to connect to Arbitrum nodes in a few easy steps.

The example shows how to perform a ‘eth_blocknumber’ command designed to return the number of the most recent block.


Watch this video instructure to see how to easily deploy Gnosis shared nodes.

Similarly, the process is explained by using the ‘eth_blocknumber’ command.

GetBlock Activates Major Privacy Upgrade: Now Users Sign Up via Crypto Wallets

Starting this month, GetBlock users can set up an account by using an Ethereum (ETH) wallet. This way, our clients are not required to share email addresses and other sensitive data to start deploying blockchain nodes.

GetBlock prioritizes the principles of lawfulness, fairness, and transparency in data issues. In addition, IP-addresses tracking has been implemented into GetBlock’s Privacy Policy since November 2022.

Please, find more details here

How to set up a GetBlock account with a MetaMask wallet?

Nodes updates

GetBlock’s hosted nodes have undergone several alterations to increase the robustness for the end user. Here is the complete list of all changed carried out in the month of December:

-Bitcoin (BTC) Updated to v 23.0
-ZCash (ZEC) Updated to v 5.3.0
-Dash (DASH) Updated to v 18.1

-Tron (TRX) Updated to v 4.6.0
-XRP (XRP) Updated to v 1.9.4
-Arbitrum (ARBITRUM) Updated to v1.4.5

-Gnosis Chain (GNO nethermind) Updated to v 1.14.7

-Cardano (ADA inputoutput/cardano-rosetta) Updated to v 1.8.2
-Ethereum Classic (ETC) Updated to v 1.12.8
-Cronos (CRO) Updated to v 0.8.3
-Ethereum (ETH goerli geth) Updated to v 1.10.26

New Year Discounts

At the GetBlock team’s HQ, we appreciate and value every customer, therefore we are offering holiday discounts for our users to enjoy!

Dedicated Pack 6 + 3 free months
Purchase a 6 month pack and get 3 months for free + monitoring availability and a dedicated support line;

X2 Rate Limits for 2 months of Unlimited pack + 1 month for free
Purchase a 2 months pack and get 1 month for free + we double your request rate limits – you get 120 RPC instead of the standard 60 RPC;

100 000 RPC per day instead of 40 000!


GetBlock is excited to deliver even more robust, secure, and fast services for our users in 2023. Our team wishes you a happy new year!

Please look forward to the updates from GetBlock coming very soon.

Vance Wood

Vance Wood

December 28, 2022

7 min read