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GetBlock Records: Our Progress and Endeavors in 2022

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

January 11, 2023

6 min read

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Partnerships and integrations

Last year our marketing team worked really hard to increase the exposure and recognition of GetBlock in the Web3 space. GetBlock collaborated with multiple platforms and worked on several productive partnerships. Moreover, GetBlock participated in international hackathons and conferences, where crypto newbies and professionals had a chance to talk to our team members and ask questions about the benefits of using GetBlock services. Here’s what our marketing adventures looked like in 2022:

GetBlock partnered with the following blockchains: Tron, Near Protocol, Nervos Network, Algorand, Bittorrent, TON, Syscoin, Zcash, Tezos, Moonbeam.

The top-tier blockchain provider also integrated its node infrastructure for BSC, AVAX, FTM, ARBITRUM, and MATIC nodes with DropsTab’s API. DropsTab is a cryptocurrency market tracker featuring live crypto stats, analytics, and crypto portfolio functionality used for fulfilling day-to-day crypto needs: price tracking, portfolio managing, development analysis, and so on.

Cardstack and GetBlock’s strategic partnership resulted in Cardstack using GNO archive nodes hosted by GetBlock with the aim of opening new doors to Web3 for everyone. Cardstack is a decentralized software ecosystem which makes blockchain technology usable and scalable. More information regarding the partnership can be found under this link.

Last but definitely not least, Router Protocol was added to GetBlock’s technical partnership list, as announced on Router Protocol’s official Twitter page. This cross-chain protocol enables fund transfers, asset swaps, cross-chain applications and so forth. GetBlock provides blockchain node infrastructure for Router Protocol users.

GetBlock releases blockchain webhooks

In September 2022, GetBlock added webhooks to its stack of instruments. These automated notifications are designed specifically for allowing GetBlock Tracker users to receive automated messages related to on-chain events (e.g. minted blocks and confirmed transactions). Webhooks can be integrated into dApps which use blockchain technology as payment getaways, value transfer systems, etc.

Check out GetBlock’s comprehensive guide on all things webhooks.

Grand update Web3 authorization

Last year, GetBlock rolled out its biggest privacy upgrade as of yet. Now users can set up a GetBlock account through MetaMask - an Ethereum (ETH) wallet. The update took effect in early December 2022.

When registering with a crypto wallet, users do not have to share their email addresses with the blockchain provider. This way, GetBlock is no longer collecting user data and is shifting to full-force pseudonymity. The new feature was deployed a month after IP tracking avoidance was implemented.

You can find more information on GetBlock’s upgraded privacy here.

Nodes list expanded

Last year GetBlock listed 16 new nodes and is currently offering one of the widest selection of blockchain nodes in the industry. GetBlock offers access to over 50 networks via its shared and dedicated node options.

The following blockchain nodes were added in 2022:

Solana, Fantom, Near, Arbitrum, Terra 2.0, Avalanche, CKB, Godwoken, Syscoin, Harmony, Cronos, TON, BitTorrent, Tezos, Moonbeam, Moonriver

According to our statistical results, the top five most popular nodes among GetBlock users are BNB Chain (BSC) nodes, Ethereum (ETH) nodes, Polygon (MATIC) nodes, Bitcoin (BTC) nodes, and Tron (TRX) nodes. The total count of GetBlock’s newly joined users reached 51,000 customers in 2022.


In 2022 GetBlock held several AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. Our team was able to talk to representatives from other Web3 platforms. We discussed the current state and the future of the Web3 space, talked about different approaches to blockchain technology, and answered questions from the audiences.

GetBlock wants to thank our guests for their time and engaging conversations:

Fuse, Dash, Digibyte, ArabNetwork, NearPay X Explorer, Syscoin, Crypto Ambassadors, Arbitrum, Tron, Simple Swap X Explorer, Algorand, Aura Dogs

GetBlock partners with START Hack

In Q1 2022, GetBlock supported Swiss-based STARK Hackathon, which saw participation from 2000+ applicants representing 70+ international universities. The blockchain node provider offered the technical foundation for the hackathon alongside Microsoft and Accenture. Each participant of START Hack was granted a 30 day free access to shared nodes hosted by GetBlock.

Learn more about how the event was carried out

GetBlock participates in the TRON Hackathon 2022

In July 2022, TRON DAO hosted Season Two of its Grand Hackathon, focusing on four tracks: Web3, DeFi, GameFi, and NFT. The total prize pool was capped at $1 million. GetBlock participated in the hackathon as a jury, where our team evaluated projects submitted by the applicants.

Check out more information here

Additionally, GetBlock also took part in Season Three of TRON DAO Grand Hackathon in November 2022.

GetBlock attends Crypto Expo Dubai, Blockchain World Summit & GITEX Global (Future Blockchain Summit)

On October 5-6th, GetBlock participated in Crypto Expo Dubai 2022, where our team discussed digital assets and introduced blockchain nodes to the wider audience.

Watch our video from the conference here

Taking place in Dubai as well, GetBlock attended the World Blockchain Summit on October 17-18th. The gathering at Atlantis Hotel attracted many leading crypto influencers, policymakers, and media. The participants were able to discuss the future of the global blockchain ecosystem.

On top of that, the GetBlock team was also amid the attendees of GITEX Global - a gathering of the “world’s most influential ecosystems advancing business, economy, society and culture through the sheer power of innovation”, where visitors could dive into the world of Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, and AI.

GetBlock blockchain explorer

Last year GetBlock received grants from NEAR Protocol, Harmony, and FLOW Network, which were used to supercharge the development of three blockchain explorers – NEAR explorer, Harmony explorer, and FLOW explorer. Blockchain explorers are used as online search engines for a certain blockchain. They show basic and advanced information about the current state of the blockchain.

Here’s why you need a blockchain explorer

Not to mention, under the development of blockchain explorers GetBlock was also able to collaborate and integrate such applications as Here Wallet, NearPay, SimpleSwap, Let’s Exchange, Exolix, and Sender Wallet as well as the following analytical platforms: CMC, Coingecko, LiveCoinWatch, Coin360, and Coin Check Up.

New beginnings for GetBlock

In conclusion, 2022 was certainly a productive year for the GetBlock team. As we continue to grow and deploy new technologies into our platform, we are excited to announce that we have already worked on our roadmap for the new year. GetBlock is planning to undergo a number of changes in 2023, which will drastically improve our service and make our platform even more user-friendly, and we cannot wait to share our plans with the clients.

Please look forward to the updates from the GetBlock team, expected very soon.

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

January 11, 2023

6 min read