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GetBlock Records: Our Progress and Endeavors in November 2022

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

December 5, 2022

3 min read

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Participation in the Season 3 of TRON Hackathon as a Partner

In November Tron announced the Start of their Season Three HackaTRON, in which our team participates as a partner and a judge!

Interview on the Crypto Ambassadors YouTube Channel

New companies appear in the blockchain industry more often than elsewhere. However, only a few become prominent and huge brands. How to create such a company? How to make it recognizable despite the competitive environment? How to build a strong community? Our Chief Marketing Manager, Olivia Kenney, answered all these questions. You can watch this “How to build a big brand in the blockchain industry?” Interview here.

GetBlock Stopped Nov.13 Attack

This is the most important and significant news of November. This event made the month incredibly difficult, but it also underlined the coherence of the Getblock team.

Noting the important part first: No sensitive data was lost, operations are now back to normal, compensation program was kicked off.

On November 13, 2022 at approximately 01:30 (hereinafter - UTC time zone), our service was attacked. Hackers managed to take advantage of vulnerabilities in third-party tools.

Our team immediately activated a "kill switch" mechanism to protect our customers: all servers went into "rescue mode". To ensure the sustainability and security of our infrastructure, we had to eliminate the possibility of any backdoors.
In short, we had to reinstall the OS on all hosts without losing any data. Since our infrastructure includes hundreds of hosts around the world, this process causes downtime for our users. We started the process immediately and gradually delivered the recovered nodes to our customers.

More details you can find in the official announcement.

Nodes Updates

This month the following nodes were updated on GetBlock:

Ethereum Classic (ETC) updated to the version besu 22.10.0
Avalanche (AVAX) updated to the version 1.9.2
Optimism (OP) updated to the version 0.5.29

To start using a shared node, please, register an account and get your API key which will be displayed on the dashboard together with the related data.
If you want to connect to a dedicated node of one of these or other blockchains, you can get them via your account or if you'd like a customized option feel free to contact one of our Business Development Managers.

Video Tutorials on How to Connect to Nodes via GetBlock

This month two new videos have been released on our official YouTube channel:
How to Connect to Arbitrum (ARBITRUM) Node?, How to Connect to Syscoin (SYS) Node?
They are made as step-by-step guides that will definitely help you to connect to our nodes easily within only 5 minutes.
Check out our Blog or join us on Discord to be informed about our announcements.

Thank you for choosing GetBlock!

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

December 5, 2022

3 min read