GetBlock’s ecosystem of blockchain explorers expands to Harmony. Excited by GetBlock’s expertise and background, the protocol’s team and community agreed to fuel the new project with a grant.

Harmony (ONE) awards a grant to GetBlock to fund explorer release

As per the statement shared on Harmony’s main forum, the representatives of the protocol chose GetBlock as a technical partner in creating a new-gen explorer for Harmony’s ONE and HRC20, HRC721, HRC1155 tokens.

Within the framework of its massive $300M Ecosystem Fund, Harmony blockchain decided to support GetBlock’s developers with a $50,000 grant. The grant is set to fuel full-stack development of an Etherscan-style explorer for Harmony.

Giv Parvaneh, Harmony’s senior blockchain engineer, gave kudos to GetBlock’s team and stated that funding GetBlock’s initiative was appreciated by both the protocol’s devs and community:

Thank you Alex Hutton and Olivia Kenney for this proposal. It has been approved and we look forward to seeing the project take off. Please keep us and the community updated on your progress by posting regular updates here

According to the approved roadmap, building Harmony’s explorer from scratch takes about five months; as such, the new instrument will be unveiled to the global Web3 community in the beginning of Q4, 2022.

Introducing Harmony, a flagship protocol of scalability race

GetBlock’s Explorers PM Alex Hutton highlighted the paramount importance of Harmony’s explorer for GetBlock’s roadmap:

Thank you for considering our proposal regarding the development of Harmony explorer (...) We are developing a commercial explorer that will be part of the GetBlock multichain explorer

Harmony is a leading smart contracts platform that merges sharded design and Effective Proof-of-Stake consensus to achieve two-second transaction finality and $0.0001 average transaction fees.

Since 2021, Harmony is 360° compatible with Ethereum; due to its unique technical design, Harmony can act as a multi-purpose blockchain-agnostic L2 for Ethereum. Harmony’s native asset is dubbed ONE.

By July 2022, Harmony (ONE) ecosystem of DeFi protocols amassed over $1 billion in TVL.