A developer can immediately connect his app to a blockchain using the GetBlock solution – there is no need to run and maintain full nodes anymore.

Today, we are glad to announce a new partnership with SimpleSwap, a cryptocurrency exchange that allows to swap BTC and altcoins in an easy way and works without registration and limits. Using the GetBlock service and infrastructure, SimpleSwap will be able to gain access to full nodes of over 30 cryptocurrencies.

About SimpleSwap

SimpleSwap is a user-friendly and reliable swap exchange that supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and two exchange types: floating rate and fixed rate. The service is free from sign up, meaning that you don’t need to store any funds on the exchange, and provides limitless swaps at good rates. The exchange offers its customers and partners an Affiliate Program with API, referral links, and widgets available.

You can use SimpleSwap by going to their website or by downloading their mobile app on both iOS and Android.

Partnership with SimpleSwap

We have teamed up with SimpleSwap in order to help them to stay focused on their project development and save their valuable resources. Now they use the GetBlock service and are able to analyze and monitor their app without wasting time and effort for deploying and maintaining full blockchain nodes themselves.

To get started with GetBlock and its nodes is quite easy and absolutely free – all you have to do is to submit a form on our website and receive your personal API key. This key allows you to detect the appropriate node, connect it to your app, and submit a request without tedious syncing and complicated codes.

GetBlock is in the process of growth and development and it’s very important for us to have such a strong partner as SimpleSwap. In order to be aware of our updates and announcements, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord.