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GetBlock Launches Affiliate Marketing Program: Here’s How You Can Benefit from It



April 14, 2023

3 min read

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With newly-launched affiliate programs, crypto enthusiasts can monetize their social media presence and introduce top-tier RPC node providers to the next generation of devs.

GetBlock introduces affiliate program with unlimited payouts: How to join

Starting from mid-April, 2023, GetBlock, one of the industry-leading providers of Web3 infrastructure and RPC nodes, is running its affiliate marketing program. Its new and existing users can become GetBlock Affiliates in a number of clicks.

With the GetBlock affiliate program, the owners of affiliate links can get up to to 20 % of fees paid by their referrals. Minimum payout threshold is set at $50: once the referral balance reaches this level, affiliate program participants can withdraw it immediately.


In order to become a referral, a GetBlock user needs to sign in into his or her account, proceed to the ‘Account settings’ menu and find the ‘Affiliate program’ tab.

Then, by clicking the ‘Become an Affiliate’ button and agreeing with Terms and Conditions, the user gets an affiliate link and can track the performance of all its referrals and payouts status.

Status of all referrals and their payments is displayed online in the account of the affiliate partner. As such, partners can track their performance in the program and request payouts in one click.


Also, in the ‘Media Assets’ menu, content marketers and bloggers can download unique brand logos and banner pictures proudly presented by GetBlock’s design team. These logos can make every affiliate strategy catchy and increase its turnover.

Social media influencers, crypto bloggers and content creators are welcome

The participants of GetBlock affiliate program can share the links in social media channels: one-click ‘Share’ button is available for Twitter, Telegram, and LinkedIn. Also, bloggers from all platforms can integrate it into their articles or videos.

Banners can be placed on affiliates’ websites. Besides that, the links can be integrated into video tutorials, e-mail newsletters and programming manuals.

At the same time, GetBlock’s affiliate links can’t be used in spam campaigns, in illegal activities of any sort or in copyright infringement practices.

GetBlock Invites all Web3 enthusiasts to become our affiliate partners. Let’s introduce the cutting-edge RPC nodes provider to your audience together!

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April 14, 2023

3 min read