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GetBlock Launches July Welcome Promo: 30% Off on First RPC



July 11, 2024

3 min read

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GetBlock, a premium RPC node provider, is excited to announce a special offer for new customers (some old buddies are also welcome!): you can grab your first shared RPC requests package with a 30% discount.

GetBlock introduces 30% off promo on all shared nodes: How to claim it?

You asked, we delivered: GetBlock, a provider of RPC nodes of 50+ blockchains, announces an exclusive promo campaign for shared node packages. Every new user can get 30% on every shared service: the offer is valid for both unlimited and limited subscriptions.

Rules of our promo campaign are simple: here’s what to know before joining:

  1. The promo offer is valid for all new users, i.e. new accounts that have never activated a subscription before.
  2. Promo is valid for those on free tariffs.
  3. To grab a 30% discount opportunity, you need to activate your paid package in the first seven days upon the account creation.

Please refer to the full details of the promo campaign on its official website. Once the first package with 30% off expires, standard rates apply.

I’m already using GetBlock. May I join as well?

Feel free to inject new life into your RPC node experience with GetBlock. Existing users can claim discounted packages during the first phase of the promo campaign.

  1. Your account shouldn’t have any active subscriptions as promo kicks off.
  2. You can grab discounted packages until Thursday, July 18, 2024.

When it comes to claiming RPC endpoints, the rest of the procedure looks quite similar to working with regular endpoints.

You need to register an account, sign in, top up your deposit, proceed to the dashboard and choose the nodes you want to use.

Level up: Save up to 40% with unlimited RPC nodes

Claiming RPC endpoints with promo discount unlocks unmatched opportunities for saving money and resources. When you choose unlimited RPC endpoints (3-, 6-, 9-, 12-month subscriptions), promo discount compounds with “regular” discounts on long subscriptions.

As such, you can claim unlimited RPC nodes with almost 40% as demonstrated below:

Regular price (1 month, without promo) Discounted price (12 months, promo offer applies)
449 USD 279 USD

Dear GetBlock fam, there’s no more time to wait: come claim your first RPC nodes today.

We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, isn’t it?



July 11, 2024

3 min read