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GetBlock Launches Ambassador Program: Apply Now



July 10, 2024

3 min read

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For everyone interested in expanding and promoting Web3, GetBlock offers an opportunity to become its official brand ambassador. Crypto natives, enthusiasts, developers, and bloggers can participate to attract new clients and grab tasty rewards for each—and more.

GetBlock's Ambassador Program kicking off

It’s July 2024, and we are thrilled to announce our ambassador program. For crypto enthusiasts with various backgrounds, from bloggers to developers, it’s a great opportunity to promote themselves even further, becoming official GetBlock brand ambassadors and obtaining lucrative rewards.

See all eligibility criteria and reward offers on our official Ambassador Program webpage. You’ll be authorized to promote our shared and dedicated node offers among your followers, empowering them, while we’ll pay you for every new client you bring to us.

While working with GetBlock, you can also advance their knowledge of the blockchain, Web3 development, node infrastructure, and so on. Successful ambassadors are also eligible to attend major crypto events in different regions to present us there.

Joining the club: Who’s our best Ambassador?

Typical tasks of GetBlock ambassadors include introducing our services to potential leads, discussing our advantages at Web3 conferences, and sharing promo codes and affiliate links on social media platforms. They can also include writing social media posts about us and helping us grow our communities.

To have the chance to join the club, potential applicants should perform three simple steps:

  1. Visit the webpage, check the terms, and review the legal agreement.
  2. Fill out the form and share social media links.
  3. Share their motivation, plans, and Web3 background.

Once an application is submitted, the program manager will review it and contact the successful applicant for an interview. Further participation details can be discussed, including the partnership terms and reward sums.

While we’re open to various backgrounds, GetBlock recommends applicants have at least 1,000 followers on one or more social media platforms and demonstrate a basic Web3 literacy. Still, applicants with a lower number of subscribers may also be considered.

Generous rewards for GetBlock node infrastructure evangelists

For each lead generated, the ambassador receives generous rewards in cash. The exact rates will be discussed with our managers at the beginning of your ambassadorship.

The basic rules are simple:

  • Ambassadors are rewarded once their referrals sign up for GetBlock and pay for a subscription.
  • Besides financial rewards, GetBlock supports its ambassadors with exclusive merch and fancy souvenirs.
  • In addition, you can visit Web3 conferences as our representative, so being a GetBlock ambassador is the easiest way to enhance your visibility on the Web3 scene.

In GetBlock, there is no place for fancy stuff like another "tap-to-earn" app, "game-changing" EVM L2s, you name it. We’re all about stable, reliable blockchain infrastructure where developers can realize everything they want. Since 2019, we provide RPC nodes for that, and now over 50 blockchains are accessible via our endpoints, proceeding requests for thousands of clients.

Grab your chance to become a part of the GetBlock story today.

Join here:



July 10, 2024

3 min read