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GetBlock Provides Free Blast RPC Nodes for Airdrop Participants



June 26, 2024

3 min read

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Today, the Blast airdrop is coming, and GetBlock is happy to support participants with its top-level blockchain infrastructure. Free Blast nodes are available, and requests can be used to claim BLAST rewards quickly and without experiencing network congestion.

GetBlock supports Blast airdrop participants with free RPCs

We’re stepping up to support Blast airdrop participants with free private Blast nodes. It means, all GetBlock users can access the Blast API and claim their rewards without experiencing network congestion problems.

During large-scale airdrops, such problems are common due to numerous transactions, and it hinders participants from receiving and exchanging their tokens promptly. As everyone strives to claim their rewards, the default RPC nodes become overwhelmed, leading to increased latency and delays.

To address this challenge, GetBlock is offering private RPC nodes to its users. By integrating them into their crypto wallets, participants can outperform market benchmarks and avoid delays in the airdrop process.

GetBlock CEO Arseniy Voitenko expressed his enthusiasm for the significance of Blast within the EVM ecosystem and invites the community to experience the GetBlock's RPC nodes:

From the onset of Blast operations, it has been in the spotlight for Web3 fans. Promising tech design, aggressive marketing, solid backers and team made Blast something more than yet another EVM L2. That's why we are excited to be among the first cohort of RPC node providers to offer GetBlock endpoints. We welcome all BLAST airdrop winners to try them firsthand!

Blast RPC endpoints are available within both free and paid packages on the platform, according to the amount of tokens they’re planning to claim.

Three steps to obtain a Blast RPC node for fast airdrop

The airdrop is set today at 10 AM EST/10 PM HKT, with 17% of the total BLAST being distributed to the community. A significant portion of the reward pool will be allocated to holders.

With GetBlock, claiming BLAST is quick, so let’s start now!

  1. Sign up to GetBlock using MetaMask, email address, or Google Account.
  2. In the Dashboard, locate Blast in the list of supported networks and select the interface.
  3. Obtain the API’s URL address and integrate it into the wallet, using its interface.

That’s how funds will arrive to participants’ accounts, using our infrastructure to proceed and avoiding congestion.

This was already the case for recent ZK and ZRO token airdrops, as well as STRK and ARB campaigns earlier. Many participants have enjoyed quick transactions without delays, and GetBlock is dedicated to promote the Web3 development further.



June 26, 2024

3 min read