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Create a .sol Domain Name on Solana: Guide and Requirements

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

January 30, 2024

5 min read

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Gone are the days when users had to type complex IP addresses, a long series of numbers that led to the destination page; today’s '.com' names are made for a seamless experience.
A similar concept is already applied to leading blockchains like Solana, where sleek .sol domain names replace lengthy cryptocurrency addresses.


Solana Name Service (SNS) is a decentralized domain registry with the blockchain under the hood.

  • It facilitates creating personalized .sol domains to use within the Solana network;
  • By using this service, crypto holders can associate a single ‘.sol’ name with their wallet address, making it easier to share and use;
  • Hosting IPFS-based websites on Solana is also enabled by SNS;
  • SNS address owners can exchange them directly through the platform or trade them as NFTs on popular marketplaces;

As we walk you through the steps of registering and buying one, discover its practical uses and advantages. Join us for a brief yet thorough overview.

What is a .sol domain?

In the Solana ecosystem, .sol is the format of the domain name that replaces lengthy wallet addresses, enabling users to perform all standard functions linked to Solana-based accounts.

For example, sending tokens to a short and simple ‘deen.sol’ address is far more convenient than dealing with ‘9E66AGL6BCLsmhGfTA7Xh2waZ6A2EQ1JCbabmpKcvyk6’.


Image from Solscan

Note that these namings aren't limited to letters. In fact, short three-digit number domains are among the most sought-after and considered highly valuable.

What is Solana Name Service?

Solana Name Service (SNS) is the platform that provides an interface where crypto holders can claim a unique ‘.sol’ domain and assign it to a wallet address.

Being a blockchain naming service, it operates as a decentralized registry managed by smart contracts. These programs efficiently associate names with their respective owners' addresses and facilitate the reverse process of translating them back into addresses.

SNS, developed and run by Bonfida, implements this approach to organize and link Solana public keys to easily readable names, making it easily findable, recognizable, and convenient to transact with.


Image from SNS

Other than that, the service facilitates connecting short addresses to websites, X handles, IPFS files, or other links. They can also be Traded as NFTs through marketplaces.

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Benefits of a .sol domain

Now that we grasped the general idea, let’s contemplate why use the Solana naming service in the first place:

  • Simplicity in daily transactions: For someone who utilizes crypto on a daily basis, it’s easier to send and receive funds to short and neat addresses, reducing the risk of errors;
  • Decentralized ownership: SNS addresses operate on a permissionless blockchain level, granting exclusive control and deletion rights to owners, free from centralized authority;
  • Unique Web3 identity: Bonfida cultivates a space, where every crypto user can stand out in the decentralized space while maintaining anonymity;
  • Brand awareness tool: For companies and Web3 projects, it serves as a powerful and innovative tool for establishing a recognizable presence within the Web3 ecosystem;
  • dApp integration: Developers can seamlessly integrate the functionality into wallets and decentralized applications, providing a user-friendly gateway to navigate the blockchain.

Unlike traditional DNS providers, Bonfida’s services never expire, ensuring users can continuously enjoy these advantages.

Requirements for creating a .sol domain

The only requirement to claim a custom domain is a Solana wallet that supports SNS.
Users of Phantom, Solflare, TrustWallet, and Coin98 can rest assured that their apps fit into this category.

The costs, starting from $20, are payable in various tokens. However, make sure to have some SOL to cover a small gas fee.
Please note that anything with fewer than five characters gets progressively more expensive. One-character names or three-digit domains, for instance, are very rare and therefore priced differently.

Step-by-step guide to creating a .sol domain

The platform makes the process simple for users while the blockchain facilitates the operation in a matter of seconds.

1. Connect a wallet

To buy a .sol domain name, navigate to, which is the Solana naming service website. Choose a wallet to connect from the extensive list of supported options.


Image from SNS

2. Select an appropriate name

Once the account is linked, simply search for a desired name. Keep in mind that popular names may already be taken.


Image from SNS

In this case, explore creative variations offered by the website. However, if already registered, you can still make an offer in case the owner is willing to sell.

3. Head to checkout

When you find a naming that is unregistered and available, click “Add to cart”. From the cart, select the “Checkout” button that will prompt you to choose a token to pay with.


Image from SNS

4. Confirm and complete

Proceed with “Complete Purchase”. In our case, it’s 20 USDC plus 0.001 SOL gas fee. This is a one-time expense, eliminating the need for future registrations or renewals.


Image from SNS

After confirming the transaction, the purchase is complete and the new SNS address is automatically linked to the wallet. You can freely change the associated account from the dashboard at any time.

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Ending notes: Future developments and updates

Looking ahead, SNS aspires to become a standard for all ecosystem users, simplifying interactions with the blockchain and potentially serving as genuine hosts for decentralized websites. While current browser support may be limited, the evolving landscape hints at change.

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Deen Newman

Deen Newman

January 30, 2024

5 min read