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Cardano (ADA) Nodes Ecosystem To On-Board its First Clothing Brand Origin Thread



August 2, 2022

2 min read

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Introduced by a heavy-hitting team of fashion and blockchain enthusiasts, Origin Thread leverages Cardano (ADA) nodes for garment authenticity verification and payments processing.

Cardano (ADA) nodes ecosystem to have its native clothing brand

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Origin Thread (ORIGIN), its first ‘NFT connected’ clothes release goes live to bring physical and digital experiences together.

Currently, the platform offers two collections, Origins/001 and Origins/002. Both collections include India-themed items. While the first one offers videos displaying various aspects of daily routine in India, the second one features NFTs and shirts.

Cardano (ADA) blockchain is utilized by Origin Thread in multiple ways. The firm created and implemented a mechanism needed to verify the authenticity of clothes; Cardano’s first token ADA is accepted as payment methods.

Cardano (ADA) dApps ecosystem is on fire

Also, Cardano (ADA) hosts non-fungible tokens associated with various items from Origin Thread’s collections. First hand-crafted shirts were sold for 5,000 ADA each.

Origin Thread is among the applicants for Project Catalyst, the largest Cardano community-driven incubator.

As GetBlock has already reported, Cardano (ADA) has supported smart contracts since September, 2021. Thanks to the activation of Alonzo hardfork, it started on-boarding decentralized applications.

By Q3, 2022, Cardano (ADA) blockchain nodes host over 1,000 decentralized applications; largely, Cardano (ADA) dApps belong to NFT, marketplaces, and DeFi segment. Also, Cardano (ADA) is a technical basis for prominent DEXes.

Cardano (ADA) nodes by GetBlock: Top-tier API endpoints for DeFis

GetBlock, a high-profile Blockchain-as-a-Service provider, supercharges Web3 protocols with secure and resource-efficient connection to Cardano (ADA) shared nodes and Cardano (ADA) dedicated nodes.

Both shared and dedicated Cardano (ADA) nodes are available through Rosetta API interfaces.

Geographically distributed ecosystem of servers in Europe and Asia is used to empower GetBlock’s Cardano (ADA) nodes toolkit.



August 2, 2022

2 min read