This difficulty gets ever more complex with the proliferation of several open blockchain networks, which all represent independent and diverse protocols respectively. The reality of this complex diversity is usually faced by blockchain service providers attempting to bridge the interoperability gap, by bringing several blockchain solutions under one service umbrella.

So for instance, a developer in the middle of building, say, an OTC marketplace and needing BTC/ETH pairs, BTC/USDT pairs, and several others, may, of course, need full-node copies of each listed asset for the platform’s wallet needs, or better still, may need to have an API service provider meeting these needs. Fortunately, there are several independent API service providers meeting these types of conventional API needs.

However, once a developer's data appetites and exploits of a blockchain cross normal as defined above – which is mostly the case for novel blockchain service providers – then, this inflexible API services become limiting for these types of developmental needs.

Also, another point of concern brought up by services or individuals seeking API services is that there is never quite an API server service-provider that offers custom made API services for multiple blockchains at low cost, let alone for free.

And sadly, the few that do, offer such services at premium costs, which may not be cost-efficient for a self-funded startup, which has not figured out its revenue model yet.

GetBlock: building APIs on your demand for free

With this void of unmet satisfaction, the safe bet is often setting up your nodes and fetching your data yourself. This too comes with an exponentially rise in cost, if you intend to have that process across say 10 blockchain networks or more; which begs the question: How do I meet my multi-network needs without getting my hands full-node dirty, across several blockchains?

At GetBlock, we provide real executable solutions to these types of needs for free, no limits, whatsoever.

So instead of giving you a limited list of menu choices, we let you indulge us with whatever and wherever your creative needs take you, and we serve you based on those personal API needs, all for free. That is to say, at GetBlock we offer:

  • Non-stop working servers located in Germany, which have 24/7 server uptime; These servers keep with the speed limit of every network that we serve for.
  • Optimum private key security because we don’t keep or ask for any information about your keys, wallets, or any private data, whatsoever. All that you send us are encrypted transactions.
  • As at the time of writing we have 35 nodes available for whatever API needs you can possibly think of, which include, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin-Cash, Monero, and several others. What is more, we are constantly adding new nodes, especially at our users’ demand. So you can suggest a node you will like to have access to and we’ll do our best to add it as soon as possible.
  • Finally, this can be integrated using API tools like JSON-RPC, REST, and Websockets

To get a firsthand feel of our personal API key service today fill in this form and we will write back to you via email.