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Blockchain Data On Fire: GetBlock Becomes First RPC Provider to Add Firehose Support

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

February 1, 2024

3 min read

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With Firehose support implemented, GetBlock can finally give a proper spin to blockchain data customization flywheel.

GetBlock introduces Firehose to RPC nodes scene

Starting from January 25, 2024, GetBlock, a top-tier RPC node provider, added support for Firehose, an open-source data extraction technology for blockchain data. So far, GetBlock is the only node provider that offers Firehose to users.

Initially introduced by Streaming Fast, it provides a files-based and streaming-first approach to processing blockchain data. Simply put, Firehose streamlines data extraction from decentralized networks so that users can only broadcast and retrieve the classes of information they really need.

Technically, this is accomplished thanks to a highly performant file-based strategy: devs can access data extracted by Firehose through binary data streams.

From the onset, GetBlock offers Firehose as an add-on to all customers of dedicated RPC nodes of BNB Smart Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain), Ethereum, and Polygon; three mainstream smart contracts platforms.

N.B. Should you be interested in working with Firehose on other blockchains, please, don’t hesitate to contact us (via “Contact” menu, left to your dashboard button). Full list of blockchains available can be found on StreamingFast website.

New release equips GetBlock’s product suite with a deep level of customizability and paves the path for faster and more cost-efficient request management.

Pioneering data extraction in BaaS segment: Motivation and vision

This expansion is an inaugural element of GetBlock’s tech roadmap for 2024. Attending the conferences and meetups in 2023, we were frequently asked about the prospects of a) add-ons to blockchain APIs, b) data indexing and extracting in Web3.

As such, the new release is set to cater to the needs of crypto developers from various spheres interested in fast and flexible connection to blockchain nodes.

Introducing the Firehose-enabled endpoints, GetBlock CEO Arseniy Voitenko highlights the paramount importance of such services for our platform and Web3 infrastructure as a whole:

The landscape of blockchain data add-ons takes its shape step by step: some solutions will survive while others quickly become irrelevant. We must address the elephant in the room: at GetBlock, we’re always eager to get our hands dirty when it comes to promising tech novelties for Web3 data. As the concept of blockchain RPC node remains an entry point to thriving Web3 segment, we’re aiming at plugging the hole in the niche of ready-made data indexing solutions.

Achieving this vision would make GetBlock go far beyond the scope of being just the next RPC node provider. We’re always ready to deliver what is really needed for our fellow developers and next generation of blockchain enthusiasts.

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Try GetBlock’s Firehose APIs yourself: Manual

In turn, end dApps users also benefit from new GetBlock’s feature: their wallets, GameFis and marketplaces will work faster and cheaper thanks to more advanced data processing schemes enabled by Firehose.

GetBlock users can activate Firehose-fueled endpoints in literally four clicks. Not unlike “regular” dedicated nodes, new endpoints can be found in the list of networks in the “Dedicated Nodes” section of the configurator in the dashboard.


Image by GetBlock

Once set up and created, GetBlock’s Firehose-enable RPC endpoints work exactly like their “regular” predecessors.

As such, don’t miss a chance to join the cohort of pioneers: explore Firehose-enabled RPC endpoints today. Also, please, finalize the migration towards access tokens in your dashboard.

We have a lot of amazing stuff to build together, Web3 fam.

Stay tuned!

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

February 1, 2024

3 min read