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Binance Seeking for U.K. Registration, ETH/BTC at 44-Month Highs, Reese Witherspoon Apes Into NFTs: GetBlock’s Day in Crypto #15



December 7, 2021

3 min read

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World-leading centralized cryptocurrencies exchange Binance (BNB) is attempting to get the approval from British regulator FCA.

Binance on hiring spree in the U.K., plans to file for the approval

Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, a CEO and co-founder of top centralized crypto exchange Binance, told the Sunday Telegraph, that his team is super-serious about the presence in the UK.

In June, 2021, the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), issued a statement to highlight that Binance shouldn’t be operating in the country. However, according to CZ, the relations with the strict regulators improved since Q2.

We’re making a number of very substantial changes in organizational structures, product offerings, our internal processes and the way we work with regulators. We want to continue to establish a presence in the U.K. and serve U.K. users in a fully licensed and fully compliant manner

At the same time, it is still unknown whether Binance would offer its services directly or through locally registered firms not unlike Binance.US.

To ensure 360° regulatory compliance, Binance on-boarded dozens of ex-regulators and opened an office in the U.K.

FCA was among the first regulators to issue a statement about Binance’s shady legal status amidst global anti-crypto witch-hunt of May-June, 2021.

ETH hasn’t been so expensive against BTC since May, 2018

ETH/BTC indicator, i.e. Ether-denominated price of the flagship cryptocurrency hasn’t been so high for a jaw-dropping period of 44 months.

ETH/BTC ratio touched the crucial level of 0.09 amidst the latest bloodbath. As such, it stopped one step of reaching 0.1 level (10 Ethers for 1 Bitcoin) which is considered by macro analysts as a reliable indicator of a bullish cycle losing its steam.

That said, ETH/BTC ratio quadrupled since its bottom. As Ethereum is historically more volatile, during the Great Crypto Winter of 2019, one Bitcoin was equal to 51 Ethers.

Now, the cheerleaders of second cryptocurrency have one more proof of their beloved ‘flippening’ narrative. According to this theory, Ethereum (ETH) is going to exceed Bitcoin (BTC) by market capitalization thanks to its way more impressive utility.

World’s richest actress interested in NFTs

American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon proudly joins the club of the advocates of non-fungible tokens segment. She has taken to Twitter to announced that she joined Adam Bomb Squad, an NFT product focused on advancing female presence in the red-hot segment of digital collectibles.

Legally Blonde and Big Little Lies star stated that she is going to contribute to ‘women empowerment’ in the NFT segment. Also she is sure about the bright future of cryptocurrencies as a concept.

Besides being an award-winning actress, Reese Witherspoon is also well-known as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, producer, and investor. According to American media outlets, she is the richest actress in the world as her net worth is estimated at about $400 mln.

Previously, Elon Musk’s ex Grimes and Internet celebrity Paris Hilton also endorsed non-fungible tokens’ projects.



December 7, 2021

3 min read