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Stellar Shared Node


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Stellar API:
Join the club of crypto-friendly services with GetBlock’s blockchain nodes<br/>


Stellar nodes by GetBlock: Your chance to integrate low-cost digital payments mechanisms

XLM nodes are already used by a clutch of high-profile businesses including IBM, Deloitte, ICICI, and so on. With GetBlock, every service can integrate a modern remittances vehicle in a frictionless manner. GetBlock offers robust and secure infrastructure for all types of clients.


Stellar Lumens nodes for dApps: Promising smart contracts ecosystem

Since 2021, developers are stressing their bets on building robust and versatile smart contracts instruments, and has its own SDK designed to streamline the development. GetBlock’s dedicated nodes represent a go-to solution for the next generation of blockchain engineers.


Stellar &
Shared Nodes FAQs

What are the main features of Stellar?

How does the Stellar blockchain work?

How does the Stellar nodes system work?

What kinds of nodes providers are available in Stellar?

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