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GetBlock x Inery October 2023 AMA Recap 

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

November 1, 2023

7 分鐘閱讀

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In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, GetBlock and Inery came together to discuss Inery's groundbreaking decentralized database management solution and a community-driven ethos. Here's a recap of the insightful session.

Section One: Inery's innovative solutions

Paul, GetBlock: Tell us a bit about the Inery. How does Inery differentiate itself from other decentralized database management solutions?

Vuk, Inery: Inery, as a decentralized database management company, differentiates itself in the market through several key features:

Seamless integration with blockchain technology ensures data accuracy and transparency, high scalability through sharding, and real-time transaction processing;

Robust security features including encryption, access control, and a unique approach to handling sensitive data via private data node clusters;

Efficient data retrieval with indexing and versatile support for multiple data models including NoSQL and SQL;

IneryGUI enhances the user experience by making interaction with the platform exceptionally user-friendly and straightforward

Inery's high transaction throughput and choice of the C++ programming language further enhance its appeal, making it a comprehensive and efficient decentralized database management solution.

Paul, GetBlock: How does Inery manage data and resolve conflicts in its decentralized system? What methods or protocols are used?

Dea, Inery: Inery relies on a unique mechanism known as Equal Stake Proof to manage data and resolve conflicts within its decentralized system. This innovative consensus protocol brings together participants with equal stakes in the network to collectively validate and approve transactions, promoting transparency and trust.

Furthermore, the Inery blockchain leverages high-speed RAM to store data. This choice not only ensures rapid and reliable access to information but also reduces latency, resulting in a substantial boost in overall system performance.

P.: With the rise of Web3 and decentralized applications, latency becomes a critical concern. How has Inery optimized query performance to ensure low-latency access?

D.: Minimizing latency is a critical objective in our system. We've made significant strides in reducing response times through the implementation of a dynamic node selection mechanism.

By routing queries to the most efficient node, we substantially cut down data retrieval and processing time. The outcome is a smoother, more efficient user experience, with consistently minimized query response times.

P.: How does Inery protect data, especially with Web3 apps and smart contracts? What encryption and authentication methods are used?

D.: Inery Blockchain’s robust security measures go beyond using the ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) for data hashing and key generation. In addition to these cryptographic foundations, we have implemented a sophisticated permission system designed to ensure that only approved users are granted access to the value contract.

By layering these security measures, Inery bolsters the protection of sensitive data and digital assets within its ecosystem, fortifying its overall security approach.

Section Two: Community-driven growth

P.: How does Inery foster and engage with its community? Are there specific programs or initiatives in place to promote collaboration and innovation within the community?

D.: Inery is highly committed to fostering and engaging with its community. First of all, we prioritize community feedback, continually integrating user suggestions to enhance our solutions and services.

Our central initiative, The Inery Ambassador Program, is tailored for community members showing a keen interest in actively contributing to Inery's success in exchange for rewards. The program welcomes all community members as it grants the flexibility to choose from two distinct options:

Support Ambassadors are designed for community members with a strong desire to support Inery, regardless of their social media following size. Participants receive daily social media tasks, allowing them to earn INR tokens.

Content Creator Ambassadors is a great fit for individuals who already have a presence on social media and create engaging content. This opportunity allows for unique benefits, including flexible payment negotiations, direct communication with the team, and customized tasks for various social media platforms.

Besides, Inery has exciting plans to enhance its community engagement and further elevate the Ambassador Program through a range of initiatives.

Inery Courses empower Ambassadors to earn certifications, access exclusive groups, and collaborate on system improvements. We’re also planning global ambassador events. An upcoming mobile app for Ambassadors will improve efficiency and provide real-time task updates.

In general, Inery is committed to ongoing improvements in its platform, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) based on feedback from Ambassadors. This ensures that the platform continues to evolve in line with community needs.

P.: How does Inery include community feedback in its platform updates?

D.: Inery's approach to including community feedback in platform updates reflects our dedication to actively involve users in the development process. There’s a structured and iterative process that ensures suggestions are taken into account:

Feedback Collection: we actively seek input from community members via various channels, encouraging them to share thoughts, concerns, and suggestions regarding platform performance, user experience, and features

Feedback Analysis: Collected feedback is thoughtfully analyzed, categorized, and prioritized based on its significance and potential impact on user experience.

Transparency and Communication: We make sure that progress reports and release notes keep users informed about the impact of their feedback.

Above all, we view this as an ongoing process rather than a one-time effort, ensuring that the platform evolves in response to user needs and preferences.

Section Three: Collaborative ventures

P.: What criteria does Inery consider when selecting partners for collaboration? What benefits do they bring to the Inery community?

V.: Inery conducts thorough due diligence and exclusively collaborates with reputable companies. We can categorize our partnerships into two main types:

Firstly, we engage in enterprise partnerships, often bound by strict NDAs. Here, I’m referring to major American and Asian corporations, along with significant government organizations across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Secondly, we team up with companies like GetBlock, focusing on technical collaboration, marketing, and content initiatives to foster community growth and expand our collective reach.

We primarily engage with companies operating within the Web3 space, although it's worth noting that our technology possesses the transformative capability to transition Web2 into the dynamic realm of Web3

P.: How does the collaboration with GetBlock align with Inery's long-term strategic goals?

V.: Two fundamental pillars distinguish both GetBlock and Inery within the Web3 sphere. Firstly, we share a resolute commitment to being product-centric companies, driven by a pursuit of innovative solutions.

Equally important, both GetBlock and Inery have amazing teams that have been with the company for quite some time and are here to stay.

Succeeding and thriving in such adverse market conditions is a testament to our ability to adapt and flourish. With an unswerving commitment to progress, we are poised for lasting success!

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Section Four: Future prospects and Inery's vision for advancing Web3

P.: What does the future hold for Inery? What are its next steps?

V.: We're currently in the testnet phase, where developers can access our network for free by setting up a node and a database. Soon, we'll release an update to streamline node setup, requiring users to only configure a DBMS. Plus, our user-friendly GUI makes using the Inery ecosystem a breeze.

The next steps include ongoing updates to the GUI and DBMS, with the mainnet launch on the horizon. Our dedicated developers are hard at work, and we're excited about where we're heading.

On the marketing and partnership front, we're looking to bring in new partners who can benefit from cost savings, better performance, and improved security. We're also in talks with large corporations, working on custom solutions to boost revenue and bring us closer to the mainstream

P.: How can your organization contribute to advancing Web3 development and ensure its seamless integration into our daily lives in the future?

V.: Our vision is firmly rooted in acknowledging the groundbreaking potential of decentralized, blockchain-based databases, revolutionizing the way we store, access, and manage data. To make a meaningful impact, we focus on the following:

  • Research and Development
  • Open Source Initiatives
  • Education and Awareness
  • Interoperability Standards
  • Use Case Development
  • Security and Governance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Community Engagement

We believe we're on the right path, and our dedication to a better Web3 future keeps us going.

P.: Thank you for being part of this engaging session!

D.: It was our pleasure!

P.: The conversation doesn't end here. Inery encourages an open dialogue with its community. Do not hesitate to reach out to the team with more questions and ideas!

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

November 1, 2023

7 分鐘閱讀