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Raw Data

Start integrating with multiple blockchain networks and get advantage of fast access for blocks, transactions and contracts using the raw data.

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What Is Raw Blockchain Data?

Current blockchain systems use simple key-value storage such as LevelDB and RocksDB as their databases. When you retrieve the blockchain data from a node, you get the response in hexadecimal that can be converted to readable insights on a block height or transaction.

Raw data is primary or unprocessed information that can be interpreted into usable data to drive research. It can be used by developers for performing advanced analytics and blockchain data analysis.


Supported Blockchains

GetBlock provides complete or raw blockchain data for Bitcoin (including its derivatives, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, etc.), Ethereum (including its derivative Ethereum Classic and other tokens based on its network), Binance Smart Chain and any other cryptos based on RocksDB and LevelDB. Information about a block or transaction in the raw format can be retrieved directly from our full nodes through JSON-RPC and REST APIs.

NOTE: Raw data is available only when working with a dedicated server for the required node.


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