Pricing that Works for Everyone

GetBlock is suitable for all those who are interested in blockchain: developers, entrepreneurs, or crypto enthusiasts. We offer pricing packages that scale to fit a wide range of budgets and company sizes.

Requests from any purchased package don’t have an expiration date – you can use them whenever you need!


40K / Per Day

Spend 40,000 requests/day for free!
Unused requests can’t be transferred to the next day

Price: $6

500K / Requests

Price: $10

1M / Requests

Price: $30

5M / Requests

Price: $50

10M / Requests

Price: $200

50M / Requests

Price: Individual

Custom / Requests

Price: $500 / mo

unlimited / Requests

Get access to all available nodes with a rate limit of 30 requests/sec.
No limits are applied to the number of requests per day.


All Our Packages Include These Features:


All available blockchain nodes

Access to more than 40 full nodes of commonly used cryptocurrencies


Unlimited number of API keys

You can add to your account as many API keys as your project needs


High Connection Speed

Fast and reliable connection at a speed of 1 GB/sec is provided by our non-stop working servers


Rate Limits

Minimum 30 requests/sec. The limits can be exceeded due to overall usage (autoscaling)


Transaction Tracing

Allows requesting the ETH node to reexecute the desired transaction with varying degrees of data collection


Full Archive Data

Provides API access to historical data and balances on the Ethereum network


Advanced Analytics

All the information on the connected nodes’ performance is displayed in account


Automated Updates

Nodes and their statistical data are upgraded automatically


24h Support Response Time

Fast consulting and technical support is provided by our experienced team of experts


Webhooks & WebSockets

Coming soon! We are constantly adding new features and upgrading the service

Payment by Invoice

If you'd like to pay for all requests spent rather than be charged for each package individually, you can pay by invoice. We will send it to your email address at the end of each month.

Unused requests from any purchased package will be automatically transferred to the next month in your account.

invoice payment

Get access to 40+ blockchain nodes right now! GetBlock provides a fast and reliable connection for the most popular cryptocurrencies` nodes.


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