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Last updated on January 1, 1970

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Method /account/get/forwarded Nem (XEM)
connect with REST protocol



Given a delegate (formerly known as remote) accounts address, gets theAccountMetaDataPair for the account for which the given account is thedelegate account. If the given account address is not a delegate accountfor any account, the request returns the AccountMetaDataPair for thegiven address.


address -

The address of the delegate account.


curl --location --request GET ''
 --header 'x-api-key: YOUR-API-KEY' 
 --header 'Content-Type: application/json'


    "account": {
        "balance": 0,
        "harvestedBlocks": 0,
        "importance": 0.0,
        "label": null,
        "multisigInfo": {},
        "publicKey": null,
        "vestedBalance": 0
    "meta": {
        "cosignatories": [],
        "cosignatoryOf": [],
        "remoteStatus": "INACTIVE",
        "status": "LOCKED"
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