Method: POST account_objects


POST account_objects

The account_objects command returns the raw ledger format for all objects owned by an account.

For a higher-level view of an account's trust lines and balances, see the account_lines method instead.


account - String

A unique identifier for the account, most commonly the account's address.

type - String

(Optional) If included, filter results to include only this type of ledger object.

The valid types are check , deposit_preauth, escrow, offer, payment_channel, signer_list, ticket , and state (trust line).

deletion_blockers_only - Boolean

(Optional) If true, the response only includes objects that would block this account from being deleted.

The default is false.

ledger_hash - String

(Optional) A 20-byte hex string for the ledger version to use. (See Specifying Ledgers)

ledger_index - String or Number

(Optional) The ledger index of the ledger to use, or a shortcut string to choose a ledger automatically.

limit - Number

(Optional) The maximum number of objects to include in the results.

Must be within the inclusive range 10 to 400 on non-admin connections.

The default is 200.

marker - Marker

(Optional) Value from a previous paginated response.

Resume retrieving data where that response left off.


curl --location --request POST 'https://xrp.getblock.io/mainnet/' 
--header 'x-api-key: YOUR-API-KEY' 
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' 
--data-raw '{"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "account_objects",
"params": [{"account": "r9cZA1mLK5R5Am25ArfXFmqgNwjZgnfk59"}],
"id": "getblock.io"}'


    "result": {
        "account": "r9cZA1mLK5R5Am25ArfXFmqgNwjZgnfk59",
        "account_objects": [
                "Balance": {
                    "currency": "ASP",
                    "issuer": "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrBZbvji",
                    "value": "0"
                "Flags": 65536,
                "HighLimit": {
                    "currency": "ASP",
                    "issuer": "r9cZA1mLK5R5Am25ArfXFmqgNwjZgnfk59",
                    "value": "0"
                "HighNode": "0000000000000000",
                "LedgerEntryType": "RippleState",
                "LowLimit": {
                    "currency": "ASP",
                    "issuer": "r3vi7mWxru9rJCxETCyA1CHvzL96eZWx5z",
                    "value": "10"
                "LowNode": "0000000000000000",
                "PreviousTxnID": "BF7555B0F018E3C5E2A3FF9437A1A5092F32903BE246202F988181B9CED0D862",
                "PreviousTxnLgrSeq": 1438879,
                "index": "2243B0B630EA6F7330B654EFA53E27A7609D9484E535AB11B7F946DF3D247CE9"
        "ledger_current_index": 63631836,
        "status": "success",
        "validated": false