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Get access to 40+ blockchain nodes and never worry about performance, constant syncing, or availability

Save up to:

6 months for building infrastructure


30% for development resources


$2,000+/month in costs


100% of your brain cells

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ConsensysSimpleswapLead WalletZeedexFluxBinance Smart Chain

They say about us:

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“ConsenSys is very happy to be working closely with GetBlock to help provide a rich and seamless onboarding experience to BESU.”

“Getting up and running is fast and easy, and there are a variety of support tools available to monitor and manage your BESU nodes.”
Tom Lindeman

Tom Lindeman

Director of Strategic Initiatives at ConsenSys

“This collaboration between both teams brings critical on-chain data into the hands of developers and enthusiasts which in turn expands the presence of Band Protocol to all the users of GetBlock.”
Kevin Lu

Kevin Lu

Head of BD & Growth @BandProtocol

”Our collaboration with GetBlock will not only help expand our user base but allow us to allocate more focus and effort on project development, saving valuable resources and granting access to a wider range of nodes and their capabilities, using tools like JSON-RPC, REST, and WebSockets, which facilitate direct synchronization with the blockchain, enhancing Fuse wallet stability and functionality.”



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Pricing that Works for Everyone

GetBlock service is suitable for all those who are interested in blockchain: developers, entrepreneurs, or
crypto enthusiasts. We offer pricing packages that scale to fit a wide range of budgets and company sizes.


40K / Per Day

Spend 40,000 requests/day for free!
Unused requests can’t be transferred to the next day

Price: $6

500K / Requests

Price: $10

1M / Requests

Price: $30

5M / Requests

Price: $50

10M / Requests

Price: $200

50M / Requests

Price: Individual

Custom / Requests

Price: $500 / mo

unlimited / Requests

Get access to all available nodes with a rate limit of 30 requests/sec.
No limits are applied to the number of requests per day.

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Discover the Blockchain Technology with GetBlock

GetBlock is an end-to-end solution for those who don’t have enough resources to run full nodes themselves or just prefer to stay focused on their primary product goals


40+ Blockchain Nodes

New nodes are regularly added to the service and monitored, all available nodes are updated as needed


Various API Interfaces

Direct syncronization with blockchains using such APIs as JSON-RPC, REST, and WebSockets


Instant Access

Time and cost-saving technology allows your app to connect to blockchains without a complicated setup


Helpful Data

All the related information on statistics and parameters for each node is displayed in real-time


On-demand support

Our team of experts guarantee fast consulting and personal support for both beginners and experienced devs


Reliable Connection

Most of our servers are located in Germany and provide reputable work and fast connection 24/7

How to Get Started with GetBlock?

Interaction with blockchains has never been that simple!
Follow these steps to connect your application to the decentralized network:


1. Get API Key

Submit the form and receive a link to your account, where you can find the API key

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GetBlock Shared Nodes

We provide fast and easy connection to a continuously growing list of over 40 cryptocurrencies’ nodes

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Get access to 40+ blockchain nodes right now! GetBlock provides a fast and reliable connection for the most popular cryptocurrencies` nodes.


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